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Feng Shui is based upon a set of theories and complex calculations derived from the I-Ching. This includes an in-depth understanding and application of the basic principles. Using these principles and taking into account the physical relationship between the natural environment and the magnetic fields of the Earth provides a "blueprint" of the influences around us. Using this blueprint we can see clearly the energies or "Chi" that effect us in our properties.

Feng Shui is a blend of philosophy, interior design, and ergonomics. Everything is connected. Understanding this interactive balance is the heart of Feng Shui. You know how you feel good at one table in a restaurant, and not at another. You work well at one desk, not at another. Someone else is comfortable where you are not! Your instincts move you to a place of more comfort...more ease. When you are most at ease, you feel more secure. Feeling more secure allows you to have a greater sense of personal power.

If the rooms you live in have good Feng Shui, you will sleep better, live better, and accomplish more. I know what you think. No, it is not about rearranging your sofas to change your life, although it is a bit like decorating with a sixth sense and can be the ultimate environmental design.

Feng Shui offers a return to a simpler, more intuitive way of living that fulfills a deep need for many people. But it must be done in concert with your spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Keep a journal of the Feng Shui changes you implement and note what happens after you do. Be patient, as there is a reason and a season for everything in our lives. Remember, Feng Shui is as much about symbolism as it is about placement.

Call or e-mail me today and I can share with you how to apply Feng Shui principals to transform your life, work and home.

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